Dining Room- High Dining

Bar Stools and High Dining Chairs
Any Dining Chair in 18", 24", or 30 seat.
Swivel or Stationary

NC- Seaford Bar Stool

NC- Winfield Bar Stool

NC- Liberty Bar Stool

NC- Cordova Bar Stool

NC- Bluffton Bar Stool

OW- Wave Bar Stool

NC- Lamont Bar Stool

NC- Venice Bar Stool

RH- Iron Craft Bar Stool with Back

RH- Iron Craft Bar Stool

RH- Haven Bar Stool

RH- Lambert Bar Stool

RH- Consgrove Bar Stool 

RH- Dillon Bar Stool 

RH- Portage Swivel Bar Stool 

RH- Allerton Bar Stool 

NC- Cordova Bar Stool with Back

NC- Venice Bar Stool with Back

NC- Lamont Bar stool with Back

NC- Winfield Bar Stool with Back

Pub Tables
Any Dining Table 30", 36", or 42" High

UB- Avenue Pub Set

UB- Barrel Pub Set

RH- Iron Craft Table

CW- Brisbane Table

TW- Adirondack Pub Table

BF- Live Edge Bar with T - Steel Base

TW- Easton Pike Pub Table

UB- Bridgeport High Dining Collection

UB- Brooklyn Pub Set

UB- Grant Bar Table

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