Dining Room - Chairs

Built to order; You choose the wood species and color!

HC- Trenton Arm/Side Chair

Trenton chairs

HC- Tabitha Arm/Side Chair

Tabitha chairs

HC- Wentworth Arm/Side Chair

Wentworth chairs

HC- Liberty Arm/Side Chair

Liberty 20 chairs

HC- Frontier Arm/Side Chair

Frontier chairs

HC- Outpost Arm/Side Chair

Outpost chairs

HC- HS-Bent Side/Arm Chair

Hs bent chairs

HC- Alberta Arm/Side Chair

Alberta chairs

UB- Hartland Smooth Barn Wood Side Chair


UB- Ladder-back Authentic Barn Wood Arm Chair


UB- Mission Authentic Barn Wood Side Chair


UB- Windsor Side Chair with Barn Wood Legs


UB- Bristol Authentic Barn Wood Arm Chair


UB- Bristol Authentic Barn Wood Side Chair


UB- Farmhouse Authentic Barn Wood Arm Chair


UB- Farmhouse Authentic Barn Wood Side Chair


HC- Columbus Arm/Side Chair

Columbus chairs

HC- Corabell Arm/Side Chair

Corabell chairs

HC- Avon Side Chair

Avon side

HC- Avon Arm Chair

Avon arm

CW- Madrid Chair


CW- Country Side Chair

Tuscany side chair silo onwhite

SW- Sonora Side Chair

Sonora side cherry clip

SW- Sonora Arm Chair

Sonora arm cherry clip

RH- Charleston Arm Chair

Rh charleston armchair

RH- Charleston Side Chair

Rh charleston sidechair

RH- Emerson Arm Chair

Rh emerson armchair

RH- Emerson Side Chair

Rh emerson sidechair

HC- Double-X Back Arm Chair

Double xback arm

HC- Double-X Back Side Chair

Double xback side

HC- Lennox Arm Chair

Lennox arm

HC- Lennox Side Chair

Lennox side

RH- Wellsburg Arm Chair

Rh wellsburg armchair

RH- Wellsburg Side Chair

Rh wellsburg sidechair

RH- Wescott Arm Chair

Rh wescott armchair

RH- Wescott Side Chair

Rh wescott sidechair

RH- Palmer Arm Chair

Rh palmer armchair

RH- Palmer Side Chair

Rh palmer sidechair

RH- Somerset Arm Chair

Rh somerset armchair

RH- Somerset Side Chair

Rh somerset sidechair

TW- Arcadia Side Chair

Arcadia side chair

TW- Arcadia Arm Chair

Arcadia arm chair

TW- Andalusia Premium Side Chair

Andalusia premium side chair

TW- Arlington ALT882-S Side Chair

Alt882 s side chair

TW- Arlington ALT883-A Arm Chair

Alt883 a arm chair

TW- Arlington ALT884-S Side Chair

Alt884 s side chair

TW- Arlington ALT885-A Arm Chair

Alt885 a arm chair

TW- Arlington ALT886-S Side Chair

Alt886 s side chair

TW- Arlington ALT887-A Arm Chair

Alt887 a arm chair

TW- Aurora Side Chair

Aurora side chair

TW- Aurora Arm Chair

Aurora arm chair

TW- Bennington Arm Chair

Bennington arm chair

TW- Bennington Side Chair

Bennington side chair

TW- Biltmore Side Chair

Biltmore side chair

TW- Biltmore Arm Chair

Biltmore arm chair

TW- Bloomington Side Chair

Bloomington side chair

TW- Bloomington Arm Chair

Bloomington arm chair

TW- Cape Anne Side Chair

Cape anne side chair

TW- Cape Anne Arm Chair

Cape anne arm chair

TW- Casual Comfort Side Chair

Casual comfort side chair

TW- Casual Comfort Arm Chair

Casual comfort arm chair

TW- Chateau Arm Chair

Chateau arm chair

TW- Chateau Side Chair

Chateau side chair

TW- Chelsea Side Chair

Chelsea side chair

TW- Chelsea Arm Chair

Chelsea arm chair

RH- Durango Side Chair

Durango side chair

RH- Durango Arm Chair

Durango arm chair

WW- Metro Side Chair

Easton pike side chair

WW- Metro Arm Chair

Easton pike arm chair

TW- Easton Pike Premium Arm Chair

Easton pike premium arm chair

TW- Easton Pike Premium Side Chair

Easton pike premium side chair

TW- Ellis Cove Side Chair

Ellis cove side chair

TW- Ellis Cove Arm Chair

Ellis cove arm chair

TW- Exeter Side Chair

Exeter side chair

TW- Exeter Arm Chair

Exeter arm chair

TW- Fort Knox Side Chair

Fort knox side chair

TW- Fort Knox Arm Chair

Fort knox arm chair

TW- Fulton Side Chair

Fulton side chair

TW- Greenfield Side Chair

Greenfield side chair

TW- Greenfield Arm Chair

Greenfield arm chair

TW- Nashville Arm Chair

Nashville arm chair

TW- Nashville Side Chair

Nashville side chair

TW- Simply Organic Side Chair

Simply organic side chair

TW- Simply Organic Arm Chair

Simply organic arm chair

TW- Soho Side Chair

Soho side chair

TW- Sonora Arm Chair

Sonora arm chair

TW- Sonora Side Chair

Sonora side chair

TW- Spencer Side Chair

Spencer side chair

TW- Spencer Arm Chair

Spencer arm chair

TW- Stanton Side Chair

Stanton side chair

Stanton Arm Chair

Stanton arm chair

TW- Sutter Mills Arm Chair

Sutter mills arm chair

TW- Sutter Mills Side Chair

Sutter mills side chair

TW- Sutter Mills Side Chair with fabric and spring seat

Sutter mills side chair with fabric and spring seat

TW- Vienna Premium Arm Chair

Vienna premium arm chair

TW- Vienna Premium Side Chair

Vienna premium side chair

RH- Bilton Arm Chair

Rh bilton armchair

RH- Bilton Side Chair

Rh bilton sidechair

RH- Bow River Arm Chair

Rh bowriver armchair

RH- Bow River Side Chair

Rh bowriver sidechair

RH- Harvest High Back Arm Chair

Rh harvesthighback armchair

RH- Harvest High Back Side Chair

Rh harvesthighback sidechair

RH- Kaydin Arm Chair

Rh kaydin armchair

RH- Kaydin Side Chair

Rh kaydin sidechair

BF- Provincial Cottage Side ChairĀ 

Provincial cottage side chair 2 tn

BF- Royal Court Rush Seat Arm Chair

Royal court rush seat arm chair tn

BF- Royal Court Side Chair

Royal court side chair tn

BF- Provincial Cottage Side Chair 1

Provincial cottage side chair 1 tn

BF- Royal Court Upholstered Side Chair

Royal court upholstered side chair tn

TW- Andalusia Premium Arm Chair

Andalusia premium arm chair

TW- Adirondack Side Chair

Adirondack side chair

TW- Adirondack Arm Chair

Adirondack arm chair

BF- Christy Side Chair

Christy side chair tn

BF- Harbor Cove Side Chair

Harbor cove side chair tn

BF- Harbor Cove Arm Chair

Harbor cove arm chair tn

BF- Live Edge Rustic Arm Chair

Live edge rustic arm chair tn