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You choose the hard wood specie and fabric or leather!

AJ- Siesta Chair

AJ- McCoy Chair

QF- Mission 1875 Chair

QF- Mission Chair

MW- 83 Swivel, Glider, Recliner

MW- 85-15 Swivel, Glider, Recliner

MW-85 Slate Chair

MW-85 Recliner with Hickory Bark Spindles

AJ- Malaya Chair & Footstool

QF- Morris Chair

QF- Olde Shaker Chair

QF- Olde Shaker Recliner

QF- Country Mission Chair

QF- Gateway Chair

QF- Madison Chair

QF- Mission Sleeper Chair

AJ- Lexington Recliner

AJ- Houston Recliner

AJ- Houston Chair

QF- Sleigh Chair

QF- Shaker Chair

QF- Shaker Morris Chair

8675 Recliner Chair

QF- Shaker Gateway Chair

MW- Mission 88-1 Recliner Chair

MW- Mission 87-1 Recliner Chair

QF- Tiverton Barn Wood Chair

QF- Tiverton Barn Wood Recliner Chair