Dining Room Tables for Sale in Mifflinburg, PA

Extension or Solid Top. You choose the size, hard wood specie, and colors!

WP- Arts and Crafts Trestle

WP- Avery Trestle

WP- Bridgeport Trestle

WP- Cambridge Trestle

WP- Chesapeake Trestle

WP- Colebrook Trestle

CT- Madison Mission Trestle

WP- Columbus Trestle

CT- Mission Reunion Trestle

WP- Dallas Trestle

WP- El Dorado Trestle

WP- El Paso Trestle

RH- Sawyer Trestle

WP- Fremont Trestle

WP- Fulton Trestle

WP- Galena Trestle

CT- Christy Trestle

RH- Clawson Trestle

WP- Hampton Trestle

WP- Hartford Trestle

WP- Jamestown Trestle

WP- Kingsbury Mission Trestle

WP- Knoxville Trestle

CT- Christy Banquet Trestle

WP- Lamesa Trestle

WP- Laporte Trestle

UB- Buxton Trestle

UB- Bristol Trestle

UB- Cleveland Trestle

UB- Golden Gate Trestle

UB- Hartland Trestle

UB- Grove Trestle

UB- Stretford Trestle

WP- Laredo Trestle

WP- Lexington Trestle

WP- Lifestyle Trestle

WP- Logan Trestle

WP- Mankato Trestle

WP- McCoy Trestle

WP- Mission Trestle

RH- Iron Forge Trestle

WP- Naperville Trestle

WP- Nashville Trestle

WP- Olde Century Mission

WP- Orewood Trestle

GM- Richville Trestle

WP- Pagosa Trestle

WP- Paris Trestle

CT- Sydney Harbor Trestle

WP- Ravena Trestle

CT- Jordan Trestle

WP- Reno Trestle

RH- Regal Trestle

RH- Majesty Trestle

RH- Kentmere

RH- Kenshaw Trestle

WP- Richland Trestle

WP- Rio Vista Trestle

WP- Saratoga Trestle

CT- Arizona Trestle

WP- Shelby Trestle

WP- Sierra Trestle

WP- Sheridan Trestle

WP- Vancouver Trestle

WP- Wellington Trestle

WP- Xavier Trestle

RH- Waverton Trestle

RH- Tifton Trestle


WP- Berkshire Leg

WP- Brady Leg

WP- Broadway Leg

WP- Canterbury Leg

WP- Cheyenne Leg

WP- Dayton Leg

WP- Denver Leg

WP- Ethan Leg

WP- Hampton Leg

WP- Harvest Leg

WP- Heidi Leg

WP- Laurie's Leg

WP- Lexington Leg

WP- Mansfield Leg

WP- Mission Leg

WP- Santa Fe Leg

RH- Vinson Table

RH- Wilton Table

WP- Newbury Leg

WP- Stanwood Leg

WP- Traditional Leg

RH- Cumberland Table


WP- Barrington Double

WP- Traditional Double

WP- Harrison Double

WP- Baytown Double

WP- Oxford Double

WP- Preston Double

WP- Chancellor Double

RH- Carmen Table


BF- Provincial Cottage Table

UB- Kowan Table

WP- Addison Single

CT- Anna Grace Table

WP- Advance Single

CT- Crissabella Table

CT- Roseville Table

CT- Vinette Table

WP- Albany Single

WP- Barrington Single

WP- Baytown Single

WP- Brooklyn Single

WP- Burlington Single

RH- Emerson Single

WP- Carson Single

WP- Chancellor Single

WP- Easton Single

WP- Harrison Single

WP- Kingsley Single

RH Tifton Round

WP- Lexington Single

WP- Lexington Mini

WP- Portland Single

WP- Preston Single

RH- Bersina Single

RH- Brogan Single

RH- Callaway Single

RH- Dawson Single

WP- Ridgewood Single

WP- Saratoga Single

WP- Savannah Single

WP- Traditional Single

WP- Wabash Barrel

WP- Westin Single

WP- Arts & Crafts with Lazy Susan

WP- Tulsa Cabinet Table

WP- Arts and Crafts Cabinet Table

WP- Heidi Cabinet Table

WP- Bassett Cabinet Table

WP- Lexington Cabinet Table

Steel Dining Base Options

 U Dining Base

X Dining Base

Double Curve Dining Base

Hairpin Dining Base

Stirrup Dining Base

Inverse Dining Base

Z Dining Base

Wishbone Dining Base

Crescent Dining Base

Shamrock Dining Base

Target Dining Base

Ogee Dining Base

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