Dining Room - Tables

Square and Rectangular Dining Tables  |  Extension or Solid Top  |  You choose the wood specie, size, and colors!

CW- Heyerly Table


 CW- Kalispel Table


CW- Manitoba Table

Manitoba table

CT- Burnwood Table

Set burnwood

TW- Easton Pike Table

Easton pike table

TW- Exeter Table

Exeter table

CT- Madison Mission Table

Table%20extended madison%20mission

TW- Bennington Table

Bennington table

CW- Barstow Table


CW- Bellingham Table


CW- Copenhagen Table


CW- Fulton Table


CT- Christy Trestle Table

Set christy

RH- Clawson Table

Rh clawson table

Rh- Cumberland Table

Rh cumberland table

CT- Harvest Table

Table harvest

CW- Payton Table


CW- Reagan Table


CT- Freemont Table

Table%20extended freemont

CT- Christy Banquet Table

Table%20extended christy%20banquet

CT- Mission Reunion Table

Table 12%20leaf mission%20reunion

TW- Sonora Table

Sonora table

TW- Sutter Mills Table Trestle

Sutter mills table trestle

TW- Andalusia Premium Table

Andalusia premium table

UB- Almanzo Authentic Barn Wood Table


UB- Buxton Authentic Barn Wood Table


UB- Farmhouse Authentic Barn Wood Table


UB- Bristol Authentic Barn Wood Table


UB- Cleveland Authentic Barn Wood Table


UB- Golden Gate Authentic Barn Wood Table


UB- Grove Authentic Barn Wood Table


UB- Hartland Smooth Authentic Barn Wood Table


UB- Stretford Authentic Barn Wood Table


UB- London Authentic Barn Wood Table


UB- Norwich Authentic Barn Wood Table


CT- Liberty Drop Leaf Table

Table%20leaves%20down liberty

TW- Vienna Table

Vienna table

BF- Harbor Cove Dining Table

Harbor cove dining table tn

BF- Live Edge Dining Table with Double Curved Steel Base

Live edge dining table with double curved steel bench tn

CT- Santa Fe Table

Set santa%20fe

RH- Iron Forge Table

Rh ironforge table topoption

BF- Christy Trestle Dining Table

Christy trestle dining table tn

CT- Shaker Table

Table leaves shaker

RH- Old Traditions Barnwood Table

Rh oldtraditions table

CT- Watson Table

Table watson

BF- Provincial Cottage  Table

Provincial cottage dining table tn

CT- Swallowtail Table

Table swallowtail

BF- Royal Court Dining Table

Royal court dining table tn

CT- Sydney Harbor Table

Table sydney%20harbour

TW- Adirondack Table

Adirondack table

CT- Jordan Table

Table jordan

TW- Arcadia Table

Arcadia table

TW- Arlington Table

Arlington table

TW- Aurora Table

Aurora table

TW- Biltmore Table

Biltmore table

CT- Arizona Barnwood Table

Table arizona

TW- Cape Anne Table

Cape anne table

TW- Casual Comfort Table

Casual comfort table

SF- Abbington Live-Edge

Top b

SF- Abbington Live-Edge

Top b2

TW- Chelsea Table

Chelsea table

BF- Christy Trestle Table

Christy trestle extension table tn

BF- Christy Table

Christy extension table tn

TW- Chateau Table 


TW- Ellis Cove Leg Table

Ellis cove leg table

UB- Wellington Authentic Barnwood Table


TW- Fort Knox Table

Fort knox table

TW- Greenfield Table

Greenfield table

TW- Nashville Table

Nashville table

TW- Simply Organic Table

Simply organic table

TW- Soho Table

Soho table

TW- Spencer Table

Spencer table

BF- Live Edge Dining Table with Hairpin Legs

Live edge dining table with hairpin legs tn

Bf- Live Edge Dining Table with U Base

Live edge dining table with u base tn

UB- Marlow Authentic Barnwood Table


BF- Live Edge Table with Z Base

Live edge table with z base tn

UB- Boston Authentic Barnwood Table


BF- Live Edge Single Stump Table

Live edge single stump table tn

BF- Live Edge Rustic Dining Table

Live edge rustic dining table tn

BF- Live Edge Double Stump Table

Live edge double stump table tn

RH- Carmen Table

Rh carmen table

RH- Tifton Table

Rh tifton table

RF- Epoxy Custom Table Top

Dsc 0274

RF- Epoxy Custom Table

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Round Dining Tables  |  Extension or Solid Top  |  You choose the wood specie, size, and color!

CW- Bowie Table

Bowie table %20expo

UB- Kowan Authentic Barnwood Table


BF- Harbor Cove Table

Harbor cove round dining table tn

CT- Anna Grace Table

Table anna%20grace

TW- Fulton Table

Fulton table

CT- Crissabella Table

Table%20round  chrissabella

CT- Roseville Table

Table roseville

CT- Vinette Table

Table vinette

TW- Casual Comfort Table

Casual comfort round table%20(1)

TW- Ellis Cove Table

Ellis cove table

CW- Elvira Table


TW- Bloomington Table

Bloomington table

CW- Ziglar Table


TW- Stanton Table

Stanton table

RH- Emerson

Rh emerson table

CW- Vadsco Table

Vadsco table clip

CW- Madrid Table


BF- Provincial Cottage

Provincial cottage round dining table tn

BF-Live Edge Burl

Live edge big leaf burl stump table tn

CW- Arbordale Table

Steel Dining Base Options

 U Dining Base


X Dining Base


Double Curve Dining Base


Hairpin Dining Base


Stirrup Dining Base


Inverse Dining Base


Z Dining Base


Wishbone Dining Base


Crescent Dining Base


Shamrock Dining Base


Target Dining Base


Ogee Dining Base


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