A Peek Behind the Scenes - With Ecopoxy!

Last Updated 12/16/2021In Real Wood Furniture

Follow along for a "workshop" tour using live-edge slabs and epoxy.

Unique and figured slabs create the most exquisite epoxy tables! Some slabs are cut and dried at our own mill and others are supplied by local mills.

Forms are built to accommodate the slabs of wood and the desired table size.

Pictured are several small Coffee / End Tables ready to be poured with epoxy.

There are many different colors and textures that can be added to the epoxy. Use your imagination to create an epoxy work of art that is unique to you!

The epoxy is poured into the forms where it cures for nearly 72 hours. The curing process results in a very durable, hard surface that is bonded to the wood.

The piece is then removed from the form, cut to final dimensions, and sanded to perfection.

A durable conversion varnish finish is sprayed on all sides, which results in a stunning reveal of the color and character in the epoxy and wood.

38" Live-Edge Walnut Epoxy Clock

Maybe you're looking to add a unique epoxy piece to your home? We would be honored to help bring that dream to life!

Contact us to learn more and browse some of our custom pieces for inspiration and ideas!

Are you a woodworker or hobbyist with a creative mind and would like to give epoxy a try? The full line of Ecopoxy products are available here at Railside Furnishings!